I Stopped Wasting My Time Being Patient

I Stopped Wasting My Time Being Patient

One day while pondering on patience and what it means, I was reminded of how in most waiting rooms of doctor’s offices they usually have magazines in the middle of the table for you to read, or have the television on so that the process of waiting won't seem so long and boring.

This made me question how I have dealt/deal with patience in my own life and what I do  while I’m waiting on my “name to be called,” or to be more fitting for the purpose of this article, “a breakthrough.” Whether it be:


I hit a hard time at one point - having a dollar or less in my bank account and not getting paid until another two weeks. This went on for months.  It was bad.

I assessed my situation to figure out how and why I got to that point. I even prayed to God that he bless my finances, and he did, but not before showing me that I was putting too much emphasis on accumulating things (shoes, clothes, money). I believe God humbled my finances to help me realize that things are transitory, I needed to start saving, and that I shouldn’t only be concerned about my own needs but the needs of others - not be selfish - because I can be.

While waiting on my “breakthrough” I recognized and accepted what God showed me and made the necessary adjustments.


Most of the time I dislike going to my current job, I’ve applied for countless of other jobs but came up short. I swear it feels like I’m being pulled back. I’m convinced that “pull’ is God telling me to be patient, and to look for lessons within my current job that'll make me a better employee, boss, leader and overall person for the next chapter of my career. I submitted to that “pull,” and let me tell you I've learned a lot so far. I’ve also been able to give advice to some of the younger co-workers who also seem to gravitate towards me when they not only have work issues, but personal ones as well. Which is making the wait of me finding another job not seem so bad.


Strengthening my spirit and mental isn't going to happen on its own. So I made it my priority to read the Bible more, pray, read books, and to put them into action as much as I can. It's not easy, but it's helping develop a spirit within me that no one or nothing can permeate through and has allowed me to be proactive as opposed to being reactive in my life.


I'm a firm believer that everything starts with "Self" first. I can't love others adequately until I can love myself properly. I can't keep promises to other people until I'm able to keep promises to myself. Everyday I’m learning how to do those things, doing so made and is making me a better person for any type of relationship that is now and is to come.

I can go on, but I’m not, so I’m going to stop there.


I stopped wasting my time simply being patient; now I am patient without wasting my time. How? By figuring out what I need to be doing. I learn. I make corrections. I Create new habits that serve me and eliminate the ones that don’t.

I said all that to say, patience itself isn't tedious it's what you do while you're being patient, or lack thereof. Before I came to this realization I usually did nothing, and needless to say doing nothing brought about nothing.

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