Don’t Burn Yourself Out Trying To Keep Up

Don’t Burn Yourself Out Trying To Keep Up

This morning I watched a sermon titled "The Power Of Rest" by Pastor Touré Roberts of One Church LA, and the message blew my mind. The message itself was great, but that's not why it blew mind. It mainly did so because of the context, in a lot ways it was very parallel to a blog I drafted a year ago titled "Being Burned Out" but I never published it. Here’s the thing though, I planned on putting it out this week - which is today. Crazy. 

I've been working on another piece for about a week now, but then I realized that it’s going to take me a little longer to put together. I really wanted to put it out but didn't want to rush it. I also did not want to leave you guys hanging, so I started to go through some of my drafts and I came across "Being Burned Out." I told myself, "Yeah, use this one." I opened it and edited it because my writing has matured since a year ago and I changed the title to, "Don't Burn Yourself Out Trying To Keep Up." 

From time to time I pray and ask God to allow me to hear his voice. Welp, I heard it today through Pastor Touré. In his  sermon -the one mentioned above - he talked about “F.O.M.O” (fear of missing out), that’s a term I learned from Mark Manson almost two years ago. He also talked about the affects of social media. And....he even used the words “Burned Out” when briefly discussing Jacob. Those were some of the same things I had originally drafted in my blog. That only gave me confirmation that I most def have to publish this post.

With that being said I'm going to shut up now and let you read it. Here it is:                                                                     


Being burned out, to me, is taking on way more than you should and/or can handle mentally and physically. Which causes you to be drained in both areas. This can happen unknowingly and knowingly.

First, I think it happens to you physically. We all know that we live in an era where being busy, staying in the know, and constantly being on the go is normal. And If you're not doing any of those things people will give you the side-eye or think something’s wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with being busy or being on the go especially when it’s productive and fruitful. But when it causes you to neglect your physical being: Not taking care of your health, exercising, eating and sleeping properly. That's when it becomes a problem.

For some people I think the neglect happens unknowingly. They become so enmeshed in what they're doing that they do not take the time to look around or at themselves until they're burned out. Which I hope will ultimately lead them to question how did they get to that point and figure out what is needed for them not to end up there again.

On the other hand there are some people who (knowingly) know that they are neglecting what is important and do not care. Their only focus is to stay in the "race." The race of chasing a check and being busy because it's the thing to do. These type of people usually have the case of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) and have the need to stay competitive.

I have three things to say to these type of people: 

  • The reality is there’s no such thing as competition. The world is big enough for two people in the same space. If it’s not, then you are in the wrong business - James Altchuer


  • One handful of peace and quiet is better than two handfuls of hard work and of trying to catch the wind. Ecclesiastes 4:6


  •  Again, there's nothing wrong with trying to keep up but don't lose yourself or what is paramount while doing so.


Secondly, the physical affects the mental. I don’t know about you but I realized that when I don't spend time with the people who genuinely make me feel good, get proper rest, neglect my health, don’t eat and sleep properly, and don't feed my inner self. It takes a toll on me mentally because I’ve neglected the things that keeps me happy, spiritually and mentally sane, vibrant, and in peaceful state. 


I know that some people have to work more than one job, juggle school and work, put in crazy hours to buy Christmas gifts and/or pay bills, and do whatever else that is sometimes required of us that keeps us on the move. I understand that. I've been there before. In fact, I'm still there.

All I’m saying is....If you are going to be busy, competitive, or a check chaser don't forget to balance out some of that time and energy towards the things and people that will  sustain you at the end of the day.  

Like the OG Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Don’t let the means by which you live outdistance the ends for which you live. “

To keep myself from being burned out:

I read. Everything from books to articles.  I rest. On Sundays which is my only off day I try my best to stay in the house all day.  I watch videos. (I love watching Martin Luther King Jr. old sermons and Sister Souljah speeches). I spend time with God. Not as much as I should but enough to keep me close to him. Write. I write whatever comes to mind. Take a break from my weakness, Twitter. My mind needs to breathe. I need to hear myself outside of other people. I talk to my family. Whoever answers the phone when I call. This brings me unexplainable joy. 

What do you do to keep yourself from being burned out?   

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